Buyers Protection

Full refund if you did not receive your order                      Full refund if item is not as described                 Full refund if item received is damaged


You will get a full refund if you did not                                                 You will get a full refund if item is                                You will get full refund if item

Receive your order within the delivery Date                                         Different from seller’s product                                  You received is damaged or  defective

Promised by the seller after 7 days grace period                                 Description section.                                                      As a result of seller’s fault

                                                                                                            HOW BUYER PROTECTION WORKS?

 1. Contact the Seller                                                                           2. Request for a refund                                               3. Escalate dispute to resolve refund

If your order hasn’t arrived within                                                     If seller did not respond to your                                        If you are not satisfied with the seller’s

The promised time or isn’t as                                                             Message within 3 business days                                         Solution, you can open ticket to

Described or received damaged or defective                                  Then you can request for a refund                                    Escalate the issue  to us